Elin Biofuels founded in 2011 “Prasino Ladi”, leading collection company for Used Cooking Oil in Greece. A privately owned fleet and a friendly and well trained staff will collect the used cooking oil with full respect for the cleanliness and timetable of your store, which will be processed in our plants in Athens and Thessaloniki and be transferred to our plant in Volos for biodiesel production. A wide network of certified collaborators throughout Greece provides the same services to stores, besides Athens and Thessaloniki and awards the same exactly recycling certification that we also award to our customers.

Prasino Ladi S.A.

Collection & Processing Unit: 8 Laskaratou Str., 121 32 Peristeri, Greece
e-mail: info@prladi.com
Athens phone number : 210-5722108 | Fax : 210-5722107
Thessaloniki phone number : 231-0773011 | Fax : 231-0773061